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The home of Champion Sire's and Dam's 
Focusing on Performance, Comformation and Companion dogs.
Producing the highest quality of Australian shepherd Under the AKC/ASCA breed standards.

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Diane Harney 
      Welcome and enjoy our site.

       OCTOBER 5, 2018  Expected

Aurora' Litter 

Tobias's AKA Hutch litter

           Hidden Treasure's Aurora RN  DNA VP
           Hidden  Treasure's Tobias DNA VP  

                   " AKA Rory and Hutch "

                 DUE DATE :  MARCH 25, 2018

      Expecting From this cross
              Correct structure 
              Correct movement
          Excellent temperament              
Conformation, performance, obedience, Rally O , Herding.
              Versatility plus brains and beauty.
                     AKC /ASCA REGESTERED 


Hutch and Aurora enjoying the back yard First meetings.
                             Aurora and Hutch

  Our dogs are excellent in every venue.
  One of my personal favorite is hiking.

  Jaquelyn and Charlotte at Goat Lake, Wa.

Sense we live in the Beautiful North West Washington we have so many beautiful places to hike.
Hiking is one of our favorite past times 
and is for many of our dog owners.
Our dogs are companions dogs for the most part.
They are bred for versatility.  To work on the farm or in the city as a service dog.
Our dogs are active in Competition : Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally O , Herding and MVA.
Here are some fun pictures of dogs and families that have owned some of our dogs.  
Not all our dogs are pictured here but if you would like your picture as part of our history and sharing send it to me.


Kaylee and her wonderful husband.  Bwntley and Bosley.

Bosley herding for the first time.

Ken, Willow and Dash   (companion dog)        Karen Meenan and family and their two girls                                                                      The Meenan's have two of our dogs Bart and Stella 

    Bart                                          Bart and Stella                  Stella    

       MariaMnn and husband and son Ryan.  
      Lily and Clover  (Lily, Tucker daughter)
   (agility, farm working and companion dogs)

            Ryan and Lily and Clover

Betsy and Bernie                      Treasure/Buzz son 

Thad and  Bernie    Treasure and Buzz son.  
(Hiking, companion dog)   


 Dick and Dexter                                  Sky  (Rose) obedience, Companion, farm ranch dogs   

 Priscilla and Dexter

  Mr Marconi and Aurora's litter mates.....and miss Sky (Rose)  Aurora's Dam

Charlotte:  Jaquelyn's companion dog.  Hiking, working partner.


Our Foundation DAM
 :    Treasure my heart dog and 
Agility, Conformation, Herding,
Rally O,  hiking partner and guarding angel ,  MVA -  Most versatile Aussie.  
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our families and their dogs. 

Thanks for checking us out.
If you have any questions we would love to answer them here at
Hidden Treasures Australian shepherds.

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