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The Harney Family

         Hidden Treasure Australian Shepherds is a homegrown kennel with only the best in mind. We fell in love with this all-around breed, capable of accomplishing any task.    "That is a lot to say of any dog."

       The beginning:
Our kids grew up competing in 4-H and open class events with livestock and other animals, including dogs.  Competing from the largest to the smallest of livestock breeds including dogs.  Having spent those years training for the show ring has proven to be an important investment and something I truly love.  As the kids have grown up and moved away, our living situations have changed, but the love of animals and competition and teaching has remained the same.  It was now time for me to have a companion dog ... So we started looking for a working dog that would be a companion, a true friend who was smart and loyal.  We found Tucker, an Aussie,  fixed puppy, that we acquired through humane society. We got him at 8 weeks old. (most of our dogs in the past have been adult purebred rescue dogs some even papered. )  I wanted a puppy this time to do all of his training myself. Different from what I have chosen before.  He instantly won us over with his energetic and loving personality, his devotion and amazing intelligence. I have only owned one dog before with this quality of devotion, plus a brain to go with it.  My goal was to train him in Agility and Obedience and maybe do some conformation.  However, Tucker did not fit the AKC breed standards. So we soon learned how limited we were on what competitions we could pursue with him.  That's when we decided our next dog would be a registered AKC/ASCA purebred from a top quality breeder.   We continued training Tucker and learning everything we could about the Aussie breed.   

       The next step: Now ready for a second dog we began our search for "The competition dog".  Both for competition and a companion for Tucker.  With the same qualities, we saw in Tucker.  After a great deal of careful searching, we found our TREASURE.    A beautiful Blue Merle female puppy.  AKC / ASCA registered from excellent breeding stock.

        Treasure: We are very pleased with how she is turning out.  She is extremely intelligent and agile, coming from performance/conformation stock.   We are constantly on the go with Treasure and are currently training and competing in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conformation, and Agility.  We have also added herding to her weekly training schedule as she has gotten older.  She has the stamina to keep up with her day planner.  She seems to never be tired of working.  But don't be fooled, she also enjoys movie night and a snuggle up on the couch or a romp in the yard with Tucker.   I could not believe that I could get so Blessed twice.  She is just like Tucker, only smarter if that could be possible.  She is a great companion to Tucker and us as well.

Unexpectedly losing TuckerTHE BOY WHO MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BREED ... is REMEMBERED DAILY, AND GREATLY MISSED!!!!! ... ONLY A SHORT LIFE, three YEARS LONG, IT WAS A TRUE PLEASURE TO HAVE KNOWN HIM.   Tucker, UNFORTUNATELY, LOST HIS LIFE BY A CAR HITTING HIM.   He never left the yard ever.  Except for this one day he saw some kids across the street and wanted to check it out. DESPITE OF ALL OF OUR PROTECTION, we lost him.  He was a good dog.


        The next step continues:

Given Treasure's incredible athletic ability, temperament, beauty, and structure, the next step was inevitable. A mate and companion for Treasure and The Sire for our Kennel.

So we began the long search for the perfect sire, which brought us to our third Aussie. ASCA CH Summertime's Buzz Lightyear.  He was selected for his magnificent pedigree, flashy style, and for his sweet as pie personality. We acquired him in October 2007.  He was 4 years old.

        Buzz a perfect mate and Treasure's companion is a lovely start to our kennel.


        Our breeding standards:  Our standards coincide with the AKC and  ASCA breed Standards for the Australian Shepherd dog. We strive to produce healthy, happy, well-socialized, versatile dogs.




Our goal is to educate people regarding how to handle their dogs in all aspects of their dog's life, focusing on commitment, care, and a consistent training program. 

We strive to achieve this through a quality breeding/training program.

Both Treasure and Buzz compete in AKC/ASCA Rally Obedience and Conformation.
AND Treasure does it all!!! -- Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Conformation, and Herding.







Limited breeding program:           

Dog training:                               PRIVATE AND GROUP LESSONS

Obedience, Rally Obedience, Conformation, and Agility

(Juniors 4 -H / AKC /ASCA / Adult classes - beginners through advanced)


Boarding and Grooming:            By appointment only       



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