ASCA 2008 Nationals

in Las Vegas, Nevada

Herding sheep Trial

Herding Sheep Started

Points will be used for the MVA competition.

Our first time at a ASCA Nationals

And first, ever, sheep herding trial.

First completed course of 64.5 pts on some very difficult sheep.

Great Job! Missing only 5pts to qualify for MVA points.

ASCA 2008 Nationals Treasure Herding Sheep

Treasure going out for the 3rd time to gather these very difficult sheep. Frustrated and not knowing what to do next, I said "go get your sheep" to Treasure. She did and finally they went, the rest of the run was very good.

What a good dog!!

It has been very interesting to learn all about sheep herding and the natural abilities of these wonderful dogs.

Treasure has very good instinct and natural ability and she is a pleasure to work with and learn from.