2008 ASCA Nationals
Las Vegas, Nevada

Treasure pictured here with all her ASCA National Awards
Agility Novice Titles: Regulars (8th place), Jumpers (4th place), and Gamblers (1st place)
MVA Participation Ribbon
  Treasure's Accomplishments     
Here at Hidden Treasure. 
A dream come true.
My goal when I got treasure was to go to the Nationals and compete in MVA.
I wanted to do it all and I started training her at 8 weeks old.
at 2 1/2 years old we went to the Nationals.
What a ride it was at the ASCA Nationals. After 11 days we are home... We just had a blast, enjoyed every minute of the Show.  Starting with Agility. Going on to  obedience. Then herding sheep and ducks.  Including all the pre shows and the National show competing in confomation. Finally competing for MVA using all of the combined scores in every area to compete for MVA.
I Want to thank all those who made this dream possible. 
Thank you, Lila Pharis for all the training and friendship and mentoring in showing/grooming and just giving me the confidence to go on.  The beautiful photography taken over the years.
 With the help of the Web site. Your time and friendship is never forgotten.
Thankyou, Laure' Smith Treasure's breeder for the time preparing and training treasure and Me for The National Agility show and being a good example of dicipiline/training with your dog Secret. For being the one to run treasure At the Nationals and letting me experience such a great show.. Also for some of my most treasured pictures and memories of my dogs.
Thank you, Jill Craford for believing in Treasure and me while training us in Agility and moving us up into classes that would challenge us.  You are great coach/teacher.
Thankyou, Lori for our first puppy classes and Rally O training, especially the clicker training.
Thankyou, Ronda for Conformtion classes and the grooming class it taught us a lot.
Thankyou to others who just stepped over the counter and spent some time sharing information and helping a new showmen.
Treasure: MVA COMPETITION: Treasure did an excellent job.  Her first MVA competition ever.
Placing in the pre shows and in the ASCA National Show.
MVA:  Qualifing in Agility , conformation and just missing qualifying in Herding sheep by 5 pts.
  We unfortunately did not qualify for MVA but we came close.
Treasure placed 40th out of 88 dogs getting a score in MVA and participation ribbon. 
For a young dog she really showed her stuff. Lacking just 5 pts to get a qualifing score for the sheep trial and placing in the top 20 in MVA.
Agility :  Treasure finished all three of her Agility Novice titles. Regular, Jumpers, and Gamblers.
Recieving 14 Q Ribbons. 
Highlights: 1st Gamblers, 4th jumpers and 8th Regular at the National show.
She really delivered only missing 2 out of all of her runs all week in the pre show and the National show.
Obedience: competed well but did not quallify .. But sadly we went down on our long sit.
Comformation for MVA :  Qualified with a high score of 97.5 well done for a girl completely out of coat.
ASCA 2008 Nationals Las Vegas, NV.
Agility Novice
 ASCA 2008 Nationals Standards Title 8th place     

 ASCA 2008 Nationals Jumpers Title 4th place        

 ASCA 2008 Gamblers Title 1st Place

 ASCA 2008 Nationals in Las Vegas NV.
Obedience Trial
Treasure and Secret doing obedience side by side.
This is a mother - daughter team!!
(This picture is not at the National trial.)
Treasure and Secret often got to compete side by side mother and daughter. 
 So special now to have these pictures.

Treasure in Open Obedience  Treasure did compete at Nationals in Open Obedience. Competed well with all high scores each day.

 Unfornaturely she went down on long sits each day. NQ in obedience and for the MVA points in this trial.. next time. 


 ASCA 2008 Nationals in Las Vegas NV.
Herding sheep Trial
Herding Sheep Started 
Points will be used for the MVA competition.
First time at a ASCA Nationals.
Our first time ever trialing sheep 
First completed course of 64.5 pts on very difficult sheep. 
Great Job!  missing only 5pt to qualify for MVA points.
Treasure going out for the 3rd time to gather these very difficult sheep.. I said go!! and finally they went the rest of the run was very good. 
ASCA 2008 Nationals & Pre Shows

Country Ways Secret Treasure CD RE



Hidden Treasure Tiger Lily


4 Months old at ASCA 2008 Nationals

4th place Puppy bitch Blue Merle

Lily Treasure Daughter 4 Months old Showed in the Pre Shows and the Nationals shows

She took 4th in the National show and 2nd in the CASC pre show

Lily on a table showing
 Treasure and Lily :  Mother and Daughter
ASCA Nationals 2008