ASCA 2008 Nationals Standards Title 8th place 


 ASCA 2008 Nationals Jumpers Title 4th place        

 ASCA 2008 Gamblers Title 1st Place

Agility :  Agility training actually starts when you get your puppy with simple obedience comands.
Formal agility training does not start until the dog is about 11 months to one year old.
It take about one year of concentrated training to reach a competitive level.
Treasure started pre training agility at 6 months old in puppy classes she continued into formal training at 11 month of age when her bones were mature.  by 18 months of age she was well trainied and ready to compete. There is a starting age to compete with most Agility Groups. Aboout 18 months of Age.  Treasure competes in AKC / ASCA /NADAC trails. 
It is important to get a good trainier and go to clinics for a rounded training program.
Agility is for everyone young and old and if you watch trials you will see every kind of person playing the game. It is a great family event that everyone can do.