Rally Obedience
Healing pattern Notice the handler encouraging her dog to stay close. 
    High jump the dog must jump off leash and continue on with handler in heal position.
 Straight figure 8 weaves twice.. this picture is showing a novice dog on leash and the handler can talk to the dog to encourage him to follow in close heal position while moving through the cones.

  A command to down your dog on or off leash and moving or standing depending on the exercise. 
                This is the Broad jump. Used in the Rally Excellent Level. It is done off leash to prepare you for serious obedience. You can talk to your dog in Rally.
Buzz has two of his Novice Rally O legs. 
He needs one more to get his Novice Rally O Title. 
We are learning how to compete with an intact male. 
A new learning experience.

What is Rally?

AKC Rally is the new dog sport that is taking the nation by storm, a successful stepping stone from the AKC Canine Good Citizen® program to the world of obedience or agility. Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. The canine team moves at their own pace, very similar to rally-style auto racing. Rally was designed with the traditional pet owner in mind, but it can still be very challenging for those who enjoy higher levels of competition.

A rally course includes 10 to 20 stations, depending on the level. Scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience. Communication between handler and dog is encouraged and perfect heel position is not required, but there should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler. The main objective of rally is to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs, in a manner that will reflect positively on the sport of rally at all times and under all conditions.